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What We Learned From The Falcons’ 2020 Draft

By Matt Karoly

The Atlanta Falcons entered the 2020 NFL Draft with very obvious holes to fill at cornerback, interior pass rusher, backup center, and linebacker. By the time their fifth pick came around, Atlanta had addressed all four needs.

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Here were the main takeaways from the Falcons’ sixth draft under Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff.

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By Cory Woodroof

Oops, I mock drafted again, I played with the board, got lost in the game, oooh, baby, baby,

Oops, you think I’m an expert, I don’t even break down film, I’m not-that-good-at-this.

Here’s my first mock draft of 2018. Feast on it, you jackals. Continue reading

Rise Up Reader Falcons 2017 Draft Recap

By Cory Woodroof

In lieu of draft grades, the Rise Up Reader Falcons 2017 Draft Recap will be updating thoughts on the four (or more, depending on a trade) draft picks the team makes over the three-day stretch of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the new Falcons with us in the comments!

So, without further ado…

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The Rise Up Reader February 2017 Mock Draft

By Cory Woodroof

Look, folks, let’s be clear.

Mock drafts are dumb.

At any point, at any time, mock drafts are stupid. They are baseless predictions that only come true if the fit is obvious/the news is already out there. Los Angeles taking Jared Goff last year? Obvs. You get no points for mocking that.

But then, the other 31 picks are just kind of there and make no sense to predict. But, we do it anyway. Why? Because they’re enjoyable. And they pass the time. Continue reading