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Atlanta Falcons 2019 Mock Draft Roundtable

By Mike Aprile, Matt Karoly, Andy Gallagher, and Josh Lederle

With the draft only days away, we are firmly entrenched in the time of year when we try to convince ourselves (and anybody who will listen) that we not only know better than Thomas Dimitroff and his staff but we would do a far better job if only given the opportunity.

But, while the last few months have been all about unveiling our grand plans to head into the 2019 season with Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, AND an arsenal of early picks in 2020, we have now come to the point when we must step into the shoes of the mere mortals in charge of drafting for the Falcons.

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Insiders (both genuine and imagined) have been spreading information and the rumor mill is in overdrive. But who should you believe? Luckily for you, the Rise Up Reader team is here to help you sort the fact (or, at the very least, optimistically educated guess) from the fiction as we give our predictions on which players will be Falcons by close of play Sunday.

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Nasir Adderley

2019 Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft: Potential, Potential, and More Potential

By Josh Lederle

It’s mock draft season, Dirty Bird Flock! I don’t know if you are like me but every new name that Atlanta becomes linked to makes me giddy about the potential of the Falcons roster. The draft is where our Falcons thrive, not in the choppy waters of free agency. Every free agency period just feels like the months and holidays leading up to Christmas Day —not very interesting and leaving us wanting more. So let’s get to the goods! Here is who I think are the best fits for the Falcons in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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Matt Ryan — Evaluating the First 11 Seasons

By Andy Gallagher

The 2007 season was arguably the darkest in Atlanta Falcons history. Franchise quarterback Michael Vick’s dog fighting and head coach Bobby Petrino walking out before the end of the season left the team in an interesting position.

While his reputation had undoubtedly taken a hit and his NFL future was uncertain, Vick put the Falcons on the map. His unmatched athleticism and highlight reel plays were the reason why many started following the team. But rookie general manager/head coach team of Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith decided to hit restart and on April 26, 2008, the road to recovery started.

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Winning the Late Round Lottery, Falcons Style

By Josh Lederle

Huh, who would’ve thought that the 2018 draft would go that way for the Falcons? Don’t get me wrong; I am nowhere near upset, just as you shouldn’t be. Grabbing the duo of WR Calvin Ridley and CB Isaiah Oliver is something to be proud of, especially with both having first round grades on the Falcons’ draft board. Continue reading

It’s Time for Atlanta’s Plan D

By Kirk Whitmire 

From the onset of Dan Quinn’s tenure in the good ol’ ATL, a program was implemented. A program that would take young, raw, athletic talents and develop them into serviceable, if not starting-caliber players. Dan Quinn believed that these kinds of players were a critical part of team building. Continue reading

Dr. Quinn’s Offseason Prescription Plan

By Kirk Whitmire

Thomas Dimitroff sits patiently in the conference room awaiting Dan Quinn’s return. The burnt smell of O-Zone emanates from the projector above him. He sips his kombucha tea and stretches his legs. He had just seen the film himself. The X-Ray of the 2017 performance. He had his ideas of what the diagnosis would be, but would Dr. Quinn feel the same way? “The man is gifted,” he thought to himself, “That’s why I came to him in the first place. Trust.” He said with a sigh, “I have to trust the process.” Continue reading

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Falcons Uniform History

By Evan Birchfield

Greeting Rise Up Readers!

We recently got to a look at the Tennessee Titans’ and Jacksonville Jaguars’ new uniforms as they changed out their game day wear. As someone who has long-wished for the Falcons to make a change, the move inspired me to give a brief history of the Falcons past uniforms. It’s unclear if the Falcons will make a change anytime soon, and considering what Nike has done for most teams, it may be for the better that we don’t change up our look. Continue reading

Covering the Falcons: Like Father, Like Son

By Mike Lederle

To quote Judge Smails in Caddy Shack, “Weeeell, we’re waiting”.  To say the offseason has its lulls is an understatement.  Long days which only get interesting when there is some free agency chatter linked to Falcons, or a potential prospect visit.   Continue reading

Atlanta Falcons 2018 Roster Review: Running Backs

By Gabe Gonzalez 

Previously in our series of roster reviews, I looked at the current status of the Atlanta Falcons wide receiver corps. Today, I’ll be analyzing the team’s running back group, including fullback Derrick Coleman. Continue reading