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Matt Ryan — Evaluating the First 11 Seasons

By Andy Gallagher

The 2007 season was arguably the darkest in Atlanta Falcons history. Franchise quarterback Michael Vick’s dog fighting and head coach Bobby Petrino walking out before the end of the season left the team in an interesting position.

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While his reputation had undoubtedly taken a hit and his NFL future was uncertain, Vick put the Falcons on the map. His unmatched athleticism and highlight reel plays were the reason why many started following the team. But rookie general manager/head coach team of Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith decided to hit restart and on April 26, 2008, the road to recovery started.

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‘Twas the Night Before Football – A 2017 Atlanta Falcons Poem

 By Cory Woodroof

‘Twas the night before football, when all through the land.

Not a Falcon was being fast or physical; not even Coach Dan.

Dirty Bird hopes were up high, there joy to a twee,

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Atlanta Falcons 2017 Roster Rundown

By Cory Woodroof

The Atlanta Falcons have finalized their 2017 roster, as deep a group as we’ve seen in quite some time. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store.  Continue reading

How to Cope with the Falcons Super Bowl Loss on 3-28

By Cory Woodroof

It’s time to talk about it.

You’ve seen the memes. You’ve heard the jokes. You watched the game. You’ve cried your tears, felt your numbness, thrown your fits, asked your “What Ifs?” and have replayed the fourth quarter in your head a million times, tagging on a new ending each time.

Let’s finally … once and for all … talk about it.

The Atlanta Falcons … our Atlanta Falcons … blew a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

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“What Happened to Matt Ryan” Revisited

by Steve Cohen

There are some life moments that are so memorable and significant that you never forget where you were when they happened. Some quickly come to mind for me. The announcement that Osama Bin Laden was killed. Superstorm Sandy. The Bleacher Report publication of “What Happened to Falcons QB Matt Ryan?”

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An Ode to the Matt Ryan Haters—In Their Own Words

by Steve Cohen

Two of the most vocal Matt Ryan doubters/haters on Twitter during recent seasons have been @SwiftHitter and @lindseyyok. Attempting to engage in any kind of Ryan-related discussion with either individual was a pointless effort, typically met with responses emphasizing that Ryan sucks in the playoffs and throws interceptions, or how he wasn’t #elite like Joe Flacco or as good as Andy Dalton.

With Matt Ryan about to play in the Super Bowl and just named Most Valuable Player, it seemed as good a time as any to collect and relive his prominent critics’ tweets from the last five years.

Presented below in reverse-chronological order without commentary, because why mar fine art with commentary?

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