Deion Jones

Film Room: The Explosive Deion Jones

By Michael Aprile

Deion Jones was under a lot of pressure after being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. An undersized, inexperienced player learning a new position couldn’t possibly make a year-one impact, right?


What Deion Jones did last season was nothing short of incredible.

After the Falcons were criticized by fans for taking Jones a round or two early, Jones played as if he were taken a round too late. The Falcons badly needed a player like Jones to come along after years of lackluster linebacker play. Not only did he consistently put his speed and ball skills on display, Jones did so while learning a new position and finding his voice as the team’s new middle linebacker.

Film analyst Daniel Spencer broke down some of Jones’ biggest plays from his rookie season, a reminder of just how good Jones was and how bright his future looks to be.

Photo by Domingo Rodriguez

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