An Ode to the Matt Ryan Haters—In Their Own Words

by Steve Cohen

Two of the most vocal Matt Ryan doubters/haters on Twitter during recent seasons have been @SwiftHitter and @lindseyyok. Attempting to engage in any kind of Ryan-related discussion with either individual was a pointless effort, typically met with responses emphasizing that Ryan sucks in the playoffs and throws interceptions, or how he wasn’t #elite like Joe Flacco or as good as Andy Dalton.

With Matt Ryan about to play in the Super Bowl and just named Most Valuable Player, it seemed as good a time as any to collect and relive his prominent critics’ tweets from the last five years.

Presented below in reverse-chronological order without commentary, because why mar fine art with commentary?

* * *

Fortunately, sometimes people eventually recognize the errors of their ways.

Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t.

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